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Stuff I Love 

On this page, you will find stuff I used when my monsters were small, as well as things I still use and love today!  Just click on the photo to link right over - easy, peasy!

*Disclaimer: I do earn a small commission from these links 

New Moms

Must Haves for New Moms - Girlfriend Tips!
Here are some items that I think you really should have ready to go as a new mom.  They will make your life so much easier! 

lactation complete

While doing research for my book, I came across the Theralogix website.  The Lactation Complete formula has the required dose of vitamin D and omega 3's you need, all-in-one, plus everything else a postnatal supplement should contain.  I like that this company has a medical advisory board approving every formulation after a thorough review of the current scientific literature.  This company has formulations for women in all stages of life, so browse around and see what best suits your needs!

white baby crib

I absolutely loved my Arms Reach co-sleeper.  It was really one of my best baby investments because I could have my babies right next to me at night, but not actually in my bed.  When my babies would wake up at night, it was so easy to pull them in to feed and then put them back when they were done.  And babies make a lot of noises at night, so I could just open an eye to peek and then drift back to sleep if all was OK.  I had the 3 in 1, which is a co-sleeper, bassinet and a pack 'n play.  I definitely recommend one!


I also loved my Boppy!  Believe it or not, those 6-9 pounds of baby gets heavy after a while!  It's so nice to be able to rest your baby on a support pillow like a Boppy and be able to have a hand free.  I really liked the design of the original Boppy that has nothing to clip or tie around the back, you just push it in around you and you are all set to go!  But you may find a different style meets your personal needs, so see which one suits you best.

Baby Bjorn

The Baby Bjorn is the best for toting your little one around while having hands free to get things done.  It's also excellent when you are on the go - and you can breastfeed in them too (see my blog about this here).  There are more sophisticated styles now that weren't available during my time, but I used the mini you see in the photo with no problem.

Heather breastfeeding her baby

Unfortunately, the company that made the sling I used with my daughter is no longer in business, but I found one that seems to be very similar.  I loved the cinching rings, so I could pull it real tight or loosen it, depending on my needs.  You can use this sling from birth, all the way up to the toddler years when they still want you to carry them, to take some of the weight off of your arms.

Nursing top

Yes, there are some cute nursing tops out there!  Some horrible ones too, but if you look around, you can find some styles that you would actually wear, even when not lactating.  Some of these shirts have a flap on the front, which I think looks weird, but this cute t-shirt-style top opens up from the sides for easy, discreet access. 

Nursing top

What makes this top great is that it has ruffles down the front, so you don't even notice that when you lift the top one, there's easy access.  And when you are feeding, the ruffle can lay discreetly over your breast, so it will just look like your baby is sleeping.

Nursing tank top

I honestly looked around at the standard maternity sites and most of the tops were not very attractive and looked like something from the 70's.  I found the cutest tops on Amazon!  Here's another one - it has a cute wrap closure in the front, so you just lift one side for breast access.

Nursing dress

Yes, this is actually a nursing dress!  It has the flap in the front that you lift up for access, but this flap is form-fitted, not like a flappy apron, so it just looks like it's supposed to be part of the dress.  

Must Haves Through The Years

Must Haves that You Will Use for Years!
Some things are worth investing in because they will last for years and you will use them at all ages!

If you read my blog about caffeine, you know that I advocate minimizing your caffeine intake. If you drink decaf, it should be from companies using the Swiss Water Process.  

nespresso machine

OK, I admit it, I suck at making coffee.  It was always a joke in my house - how will the coffee come out today?  That's when I decided to invest in a Nespresso machine.  Foolproof, excellent coffee, every time!  Yes, it's an investment, you have to buy the machine and then you have to buy the capsules - but I think it's worth it!  This little Nespresso Pixie works just fine and it won't break the bank!

Nespresso decaffinated cups

Nespresso decaf is decaffeinated using the Swiss water method - I know because I called and spoke to several people about this.  Their website is confusing because it says they use both the Swiss water method and the carbon dioxide method.  But she assured me that since late last year, they are only using the Swiss water method.  I breathed a sigh of relief because Nespresso is really my absolute favorite! 

Bulletproof decaf coffee

Sometimes I just want a mug of coffee, not only the 4oz I get from a Nespresso pod.  Then I do a prayer and hope for the best while trying my hand at brewing a decent pot.  I have to admit that the Bulletproof decaf works well for me every time!  And since they use the Swiss water process to decaffeinate their coffee, I feel good drinking it.  I do like a strong cup of joe, so if you like yours a little weaker, use a bit less coffee when brewing.

Black Rifle coffee

Not only is Black Rifle coffee delicious, it's a veteran-owned company that gives back to veterans, law enforcement and first responders.  They also use the Swiss water method to decaffinate their coffee, making it the best of all worlds!  

Cafix decaf coffee

If you want to just stay away from coffee altogether, but love the taste, you can try chicory root-based beverages (NOT if you are pregnant or lactating).  They don't EXACTLY taste like coffee, you don't get the bitterness (which I actually love), but you do get the flavor and feeling like you are drinking coffee.  I tried a lot of different brands and I actually like Cafix the best.

Chicory root

Using just chicory root, this brand needs to be brewed - either in a french press or drip machine.  I tried all kinds of chicory root based beverages and honestly, none of them were to my liking.  However, I didn't think this brand was too shabby, so I'm recommending it if you really like a brewed cup.  Remember, this is NOT for you if you are pregnant or lactating!  

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