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You are getting ready to have your baby and have either decided to breastfeed or are contemplating it.  Wouldn’t you ask your BFF who has successfully breastfed her babies for advice?  In this book, I'm your BFF and I have you the inside scoop on how I set myself up for success, as well as how to overcome challenges like sore nipples, mothers-in-law and getting time for yourself.  Some of the many topics I cover are:


  • Setting yourself up for success from the get-go, including choosing the right birthing team.

  • Baby is born, now what?  Raw honesty about what to expect in the first couple of weeks.

  • Getting back to work and pumping – with resources about your rights and how to talk to your boss.

  • Nutrition section about weight loss, or lack thereof, foods and herbs to boost supply, and nutrients needed during lactation.

  • Real talk sex after birth, that temping glass of wine or cocktail you’ve been craving, and more.


The purpose of this book is to empower you to have confidence in your ability to breastfeed your baby and to help you get prepared to be successful at it.  Think about it, have you really done anything truly important in your life without preparing? Getting ready to breastfeed your baby is no different.  This book is your guide for success!

#1 Bestseller on Amazon in Breastfeeding category! 

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Glowing 5-Star Reviews

This is a great book for anyone contemplating breastfeeding, and also for those supporting a breastfeeding mother. There's lots of information in this book about the practical side of something that is "supposed to be so natural" - but in reality requires a lot of ongoing instruction and advice from experienced moms and professionals. And that's just what this book provides - it reads as if a big sister is guiding you through all aspects of breastfeeding- not just the technical aspects, but just as importantly discussing issues that may arise with family, husbands, friends, back-to-work time, and more. I'm planning on gifting it at an upcoming baby shower.

-Verified Amazon Buyer

Why Did I Write a Book About Breastfeeding?

A couple of years ago, I had what you may call a “premonition,” to write this book:  What to write, the sections, the title, what the book cover would look like – everything came to me very vividly.  But I sat on it and didn’t do anything. More recently, I started to do some self-reflection and in the midst of it, the idea of the book came to me again.  I thought, “This must be a sign. I cannot let it go away this time; I HAVE to write this book!” I started thinking about all the women out there who I could help with my insight and experience, so I just sat down and started typing. 


I decided early on, even before pregnancy, that I was going to breastfeed my babies. Once I got pregnant, I worked on creating the mindset that I would be successful at it, by reading everything I could get my hands on about it. I really have to say that, overall, I had a great breastfeeding experience with both of my babies that I will cherish forever and I chalk much of my success up to my preparation and mindset.  This is what I want to pass on to you on this book, so you too can have an amazing breastfeeding experience that you will cherish forever!

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