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Heather Michelle

Mindset | Nutrition | Fitness

Welcome to my website!

Here I will share things about mindset, nutrition, and fitness that have had an impact in my life that I think may be helpful to you. From recipes, to advice, to must-have products, I hope you can find some inspiration to make positive changes in your own life.

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Book cover with a cow holding a purse and the title breastfeeding, nursing, and just plain udderance

My Latest Book

Think about it, have you really done anything truly important in your life without preparing? Getting ready to breastfeed your baby is no different. Besides reading a bunch of books, wouldn't you ask your BFF, who successfully breastfed her babies for advice? In this book, I'm your BFF and I give you my secrets for success, plus things to watch out for and how to overcome challenges (sore nipples, mothers-in-law, you name it!).

This book is your guide for success.


All my favorite products from new mom must-haves, to kitchen products and more. 

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My best, quick and healthy recipes that are sure to be a hit with your family!

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Advice on what I think you need to know that will make a big impact on your health.

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About Me

I'm a mid-aged mom with two teens in the house.  It's been a mission juggling the needs of my kids, my husband (let's not forget about him!), managing the household, and working on my entrepreneurial ventures.  This on top of not losing sight of myself - my health, my fitness, my mental state.  I think you can relate, right?

Whether you are a new mom, have school-aged kids, or are learning to navigate the waters with teens, I am here to help guide you in making your health a priority.

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You need to be able to nurture yourself in order to be a good mother (and wife), good at your job, good at servicing your community.  I really believe women can do it all, but they can’t do it at the expense of their health, their sleep, and their sense of well-being.

-Arianna Huffington

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