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Coconut Water, Nature's Gatorade

There are many great reasons to drink coconut water. It's low calorie, packed with vitamins and minerals, has bookoo electrolytes, and it tastes great!

Besides the fact that it's so refreshing and tastes great, there are other reasons to drink coconut water, so keep reading!

First of all, who doesn't love something delicious that is also low in calories, at around 50 calories a cup? It's mostly water, plus electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, and sodium, so it's very hydrating (think Gatorade, but 1000 times better for you and without the sugar). The fluid and electrolytes that coconut water provides really help replenish your needs better than plain water. If you happen to be breastfeeding, not only does it quench that undying thirst, but it also may boost milk production. I'm not saying plain water isn't great, because it's the best, and water is what you should mostly be drinking, but sometimes, you need a bit more.

You know the age-old saying that once you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated? Our body has a "water lag," so once thirst kicks in, you've already lost fluid and if it goes too long, you will become dehydrated. Dehydration, which can occur with as little as 2% loss of your body weight, can affect your mental and physical performance, so if you are experiencing brain fog and fatigue, it could be just exhaustion from lack of sleep and all the other nuances of being a mom, but it can also be from dehydration. One way or another, make sure you're consuming adequate water and other fluids. I personally started drinking coconut water instead of coffee in the afternoon for a pick me up a few years ago and it really works (check out my blog about kicking the caffeine habit)!

If you are breastfeeding, coconut water is awesome for milk production! I'm not going to tell you that it has some secret ingredient that will make you produce 10 ounces in five minutes, but proper hydration, as well as nutrition, is key to milk production. For more information, check out my book here!

The next time you want something to drink besides just water, or if you feel like you need a boost, pick up some coconut water, rather than gatorade or coffee. I promise you will be amazed at how great you feel!


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