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Why Successful People Are Successful and How You Can Be Too

Do you look at your friends, co-workers, people at the gym, or other women just when you're out and about, size them up and compare yourself to them? Or maybe you look at yourself, umpteen years ago, and want to be that weight or size again?

Do you allow your thoughts to feed your perceived inadequacies, taking you down the path of negative self-image?

This affects all of us. We compare ourselves to our skinny friends, celebrities and influencers, even ourselves 20-30 years ago. Somehow, we think those people are better than us, in some way, because they are thinner, more successful in their careers, have the perfect marriage, perfect kids… but do they?

In today's day and age with social media giving us the perception of a perfect world, we are left thinking that our lives are faulty, in some way. And this affects girls of all ages. Even my 12 year old daughter, who has the perfect, athletic body, thinks she's fat because her friends around her haven't quite hit puberty and haven't gotten their curves yet.

Here's the secret: Others aren't successful because they are better, they are successful because they have a positive self image, belief in themselves and the perseverance to go for what they want. Women who are fit and healthy work for it. They are conscious of what they are eating and are consistent about getting in their physical activity - they do it even when they don't want to.

There's nothing special about them that you don't have. If you truly commit to what you want, you can have it too! And this goes for anything, health goals, relationships, career, you name it.

It's time that you start comparing yourself to YOU. What are you capable of doing and achieving? Take a look at what you did a year ago, a month ago, a week ago - can you outdo yourself today, next week, next month? Yes, you can! If you can walk for five minutes today, walk for six minutes tomorrow. Baby steps count and they add up quickly without you even noticing. Before you know it, you'll be walking a mile!

The image you have of yourself is your only limiting factor. Start looking at yourself as if you are looking in the magic mirror on the wall, that you are the most beautiful in the land - and get out there and make it happen!

Take some free time for yourself and watch the movie, “I Feel Pretty.” It’s the perfect example of what a change in self image can do - plus, you will get a good laugh!

Remember, those people we look up to have nothing more special about them than you have. They just make the decision to make things happen. Now it's your turn, so go for it!

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