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Why Won't Your Weight Stay Off?

Fad diets, as we know them, have been around for more than 100 years. We all know someone (or maybe you!) who’s trying one or another, either on a diet or off a diet, and their weight goes up and down like a yo yo. Why do so many people have such a hard time with keeping their optimal weight? There are so many components that go into this, but it's mostly about our mindset and how we've been programmed from young:

  • What were you served at home growing up?

  • Were your parents part of the "you have to clean your plate" club?

  • Were you given a treat to make you feel better when you scraped your knee or were disappointed by something?

  • Did your parents always have sweet treats around the house?

  • Did you run through McDonald's drive-thru as a regular thing?

This can go on and on, but the thing to remember here is that it's no one's fault and no one is to blame. Most parents do the best they can and most of these things they did with you, their parents did with them. What we eat just becomes habits that are passed on from generation to generation, but you can sever that link and create new habits for your future propagations!

The other issue is that many of us just don't know how to prepare different foods, so we take the path of least resistance, especially when juggling so many things on our (non-literal) plates. We stick to what we know, what’s easy and what we know the family will eat. However, those foods are not always conducive to a healthy way of eating.

I know, I can hear you already, the kids won’t eat those “healthy foods.” I have to admit that I have that struggle myself at home. The only way around this is to expose them to these different foods on a regular basis. I’m not saying you have to completely revamp what you are bringing to the table and make them go cold turkey, but introducing new meals and foods will expose them to these healthier options so they aren’t completely foreign when they encounter them. It will also help them later on as their taste buds mature so they are open to trying new things. You don’t know how many adult clients I would get in my practice who never ate a vegetable in their life! Try convincing people who never had a vegetable that they need to try to get something green on their plate! Once our kids get older, it becomes more challenging to introduce new foods, so the younger you start, the better.

Getting back to YOU, you actually don’t have to subscribe to some diet to lose weight and keep it off, but let’s get real. There are lots of habits that we probably don’t even think twice about that keep those pounds stacked on.

For example, do you:

  • Regularly consume sugary drinks (soft drinks, energy drinks, even smoothies made with fruit juices)?

  • Grab a salted caramel mocha Frappuccino (or similar) when you’re on the go?

  • Hit the drive through when you are in a hurry or just don’t feel like cooking?

  • Finish what’s on your kid’s plate, because we don’t want food to go to waste (how many of you are raising your hand to this one?)?

If these are regular habits, you will definitely have trouble reaching your desired weight. You DO need to eat, what you have to focus on is WHAT you are eating. Over-restricting your caloric intake can cause problems like fatigue, slowing down your metabolism, going on and off diets because you just can’t handle the restrictions forever, which then starts a whole yoyo dieting problem.

The good news is, if you eat from the earth and watch your portion sizes, you will automatically drop weight. Yes, it’s really that simple. Maybe I should make it a big secret - package it up in a pill and make billions! But seriously, I've always been a "whole foodie." My philosophy has always been to eat as whole and close to nature as possible, and eat what you enjoy in small amounts. Moderation is key. You have to live, enjoy and not always feel deprived.

What are these whole foods I’m talking about? Click here and get my list of foods you should keep at home to create wholesome meals, FREE!

The way to change your eating and lifestyle habits is to be aware, educate yourself, have the desire to do it, and start making the change! You CAN teach an old dog new tricks, so you, young whippersnapper, can learn new tricks too!


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